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Hotel Casiana in Tagaytay signs management contract with Enderun Hotels
Enderun Hotels | blogs | October 27, 2021
Hotel Casiana executives signed an agreement with Enderun Hotels to manage the Tagaytay property’s operational, remote, and strategic services. Jerry Sy and Lance Sy, Chairman and President of Hotel Casiana,...
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Why Vacationing in a Hotel in Boracay Should be at The Top of Your List After The Pandemic
Enderun Hotels | blogs | September 15, 2020
There are many gorgeous beaches around the world trying to vye for the attention of beach lovers once it is safe to go on leisure travel once again. If you’ve...
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Why You Should Book a Station 2 Hotel When Boracay Reopens to Tourists
Enderun Hotels | blogs | August 28, 2020
Beach lovers are eagerly awaiting the reopening of Boracay, one of the world’s most popular and beautiful beach destinations, to local and international tourism. The anticipation is palpable and many...
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Discover MNL: #StayHappy at Feliz Hotel Boracay
Enderun Hotels | blogs | December 20, 2019
Feliz Hotel Boracay, located in the heart of Boracay, has officially opened in July 2019. Strategically located in the middle of island scene at the D’Mall District in Station 2,...
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Vegan Menus are Now a Must for Hotel Restaurants
Enderun Hotels | blogs | August 25, 2019
Statisticians revealed that in 2018 around 2% of the world was vegan. Although this may seem like a minority, the vegan population has been quickly growing each year due to...
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Latest Trends in Hospitality Your Hotel Should Look Into Implementing
Enderun Hotels | blogs | August 16, 2019
We as humans are instinctively attracted to new things, new experiences. This is why we tend to flock to new restaurants, new malls, and the like. What’s new and trendy...
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No More Noise Complaints: Tips for Soundproofing Your Hotel Rooms
Enderun Hotels | blogs | August 16, 2019
It’s no secret that guests won’t be too pleased if noise enters their respective rooms in the middle of the night. Considering how many business hotels pride themselves in offering...
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Sample Tours Your Hotel Can Offer Guests for a Unique Experience
Enderun Hotels | blogs | July 25, 2019
In a culture of staycations and lazy poolside Saturdays, many hotels struggle to differentiate themselves from the competition. Hotel consultants or those who run hospitality management services often wrack their...
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Boracay Hotels 101: Where to Stay After the ReOpening
Enderun Hotels | blogs | June 28, 2019
In April of 2018 the Philippine government shutdown one of its most famous island destinations in an effort to save it from the rampant environmental violations by both establishments and...
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